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Ms. Alexander works in a wide variety of media and composes in all musical styles. Dina’s a one-shop stop, creating your product in her own Upper West Side post-production studio – a great tool for cutting client costs.

Dina Alexander is a multi-award-winning native New Yorker with extensive credits in film editing, producing, preditor-ing, sound designing, music and dialog editing, composing music, writing lyrics, arranging/orchestrating, and musical directing.

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©2021 Dina Alexander • All Rights Reserved • The information contained throughout this Web site may not be copied, downloaded, or otherwise reproduced without the express written permission of Dina Alexander.

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©2021 Dina Alexander • All Rights Reserved • The information contained throughout this Web site may not be copied, downloaded, or otherwise reproduced without the express written permission of Dina Alexander.

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Dina is a multi-award-winning Upper West Side, NY-based film/video editor-preditor, sound designer, composer, lyricist,  producer, orchestrator/arranger, consultant, supervisor, audio and music specialist. Her work includes projects with such notables as: Meryl Streep, David Bowie, Kevin Kline, Kathleen Turner, André Braugher, Peter Ustinov, Candice Bergen, Gregory Peck, Sam Waterston and Maria Shriver. Ms. Alexander works on all types of projects – with or without her own music – and has edited narrative in various languages.


No matter the scope of the project, Dina gives 150 percent to anything she does. She’s easy to work with, has a great sense of humor – and has her own Final Cut X/Adobe CC/Pro Tools/MIDI studio with a multitude of sf/x, stock footage and music libraries. Dina’s a great team-player and highly experienced working in multiple genres  and is a master at uncovering and/or weaving a storyline. Along with being a split-atom video editor, she's an expert in audio and music repair and restoration, and thrives on creating and mixing to your specs, paying detailed attention to that delicate balance between sound elements, visuals, and dialog.


Ms. Alexander is dual-brained/dual-handed and "a hell of a lot of fun tuh work with."











Ms. Alexander has vast experience in the art world, composing, editing (in various languages), producing music, narration, sound designing and mixing Museum Association Production Award-winning docu-tours for Museums around the world––from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian, to the Vatican and China’s Forbidden City. Some of the narrators for the projects include David Bowie, Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Kathleen Turner, Samuel L. Jackson, André Braugher, Peter Ustinov, Candice Bergen, Gregory Peck, Sam Waterston, and Maria Shriver. She edited the historic Hudson River Valley Boscobel tour featuring a variety of narrators and is a sound editor for tours at the Neue Galerie, New York.


Dina was nominated Best Editor at the Madrid Film Festival and won Best Visual Effects at the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival for the short film, 116, which has won 28 worldwide awards, to date, including Best Short Film at The European Independent Film Awards, the Miami Independent Film Festival, Mykonos Biennale Film Festival, Shakespeare Festival, MEDFF, Beverly Hills 16th Film Festival, Sacramento International Film Festival, and Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Director (the Diamond Award) from New York Indie Film Awards, along with 60 other worldwide Official Selections, nominated for Best Comedy at the ICP Awards, a Finalist at the Overcome Film Festival, and won six awards, including Best Editor–Gold, at the Pinnacle Film Awards.


Ms. Alexander sound designed Eleanor of Illinois, starring Judy Kuhn. The film received an Official Selection at the Toronto Short Film Festival 2019 and premiered at Lincoln Centre, January 2020, to rave reviews. Senior Film Critic Kurt Brokaw of The Independent Magazine said, "Dina Alexander.... We’re talking Academy-level artistry here...."


She acted as the film editor, compositor and vf/x artist, sound and music editor, sound designer, music supervisor, colorist, and title and credits artist for a feature, starring Eric Roberts, Martin Kove and Julie McCullough, which was released just before Christmas 2019.


Dina was the entire post-production department for a quirky feature-length documentary, House of Bones, which won Best American Documentary at the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival, Best Cape Cod Section at the Woods Hole Film Festival, received an Official Selection at the Irish International Film Festival and at the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival. Dina was also post-production maven for an avant-garde documentary, The Hunt for Good Americans, which premiered downtown, NYC, and screened around the country.


Ms. Alexander served as the film editor, sound and music editor, as well as sound restoration specialist for a Jazz documentary, They Died Before 40, about eight musicians who––well... all died before the age of 40 (i.e., Fats Waller, Chick Webb, among others), and the film received pre-release raves from the jazz world. It was an Official Selection at the Big Apple Film Festival.


A short film Dina edited/sound designed, The Other Side of New York, won Best Director at the Colorado Film Festival and was nominated for Best Picture at the AIM MISFC International Film Festival. It was also an Official Selection for the Golden Door International Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival, winner of Best Short Film at the North Carolina Global Film Festival, and an Official Selection at Festival International Entr’2 Marches at Cannes, the Filmfest Dresden International Film Festival, CINEMAFEST International Film Festival, the Chittagong Film Festival in Bangladesh, the Equality Festival in Kiev, Ukraine, the Khajuraho International Film Festival, and at the IFFSA, Toronto.


For India Calling and Flight of Hope, Dina once again wore all post-production hats. India Calling received an Official Selection at Imagineindia Barcelona, the International Film Festival Madrid and Delhi, India Film Festival, and at the NYIFF. Flight of Hope won Best Story at BIFFl in Columbia, South Carolina, an Official Selection at the Second Annual International Asia Youth Short Film Festival selection, the Third Eye 15th Asian Film Festival, the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, and the Khajuraho International Film Festival, a Finalist at the Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival, an Official Selection at Salon International de la luz in Bogota, NYIFF, at London FIFF, and won the Festival Jury Award at Falcon International Film Festival in London. The documentary, Woman Rules in Times Square was an Official Selection at the Equality Festival. Dina has also edited, restored and remixed a Bollywood feature film in English and Urdu.


One of Dina’s first professional jobs was to compose the theme for the Harmonic Convergence, which was simulcast in over 60 countries. In music composition, Ms. Alexander has been called "Danny Elfman, James Horner and Rachel Portman all rolled into one. As for songwriting, Dina gives a great hook! To call Dina prolific is an understatement. With the added dimension of film/video editing and sound design, Dina’s a triple threat...."


Another of Ms. Alexander’s passions is theatre. Dina wrote the music and lyrics for the second act showstopper called “Someone Who Loves Me" for a production of Little Lord Fauntleroy, about which Celeste Holm said, "What a Song!” ‘Someone Who Loves Me’ tears your heart out!"


Dina scored and conducted an Off-Broadway production called Child of the Universe. The finale from that show, an electrifying anthem entitled "Dare to Dream," sparked an inner-city school project at TCI, NY, which brings the arts to underprivileged youth. Dare to Dream was awarded the Momentum Golden Hammer Volunteer Award by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer.


Ms. Alexander received a commendation from the United Nations World Peace Prayer Society for a composition called To All of Us. Dina also produced and edited a world-premiere CD, featuring Metropolitan Opera Orchestra musicians, for the classical music label, Naxos, released to rave reviews. She produced, composed, arranged songs and did vocals for a world music CD, Worlds Collide, with a group called Mágica. Over the past several seasons, Dina has scored guided meditations for a company called One Light One Spirit. Dina's music can be heard on MTV's Real World in U.S. and International segments.


Over two seasons, Dina sound designed Evidence of Things Unseen, Safe Home at CAP21, and By Proxy; Force Majeur, at the Abingdon Theatre Complex in NYC. For the award-winning, The Alice Complex, at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC, starring Obie Award winner, Lisa Banes and Tony Nominee, Xanthe Elbrick, Backstage said, "Discovering a show like The Alice Complex is the reason for the Fringe Festival’s existence." NY Theatre said, “...the changes never seem long or distracting. Dina Alexander's fitting choice of music greatly assists in this." Alice director Bill Oliver said, “Everyone agreed the music took the play to a whole new level.” Dina's regional musical directing credits include Hello Dolly, Carousel, Camelot, South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, Sweet Charity, and Funny Girl. In her downtime, Ms. Alexander continues to write the book and compose the score for a musical fantasy, entitled––well, we can't tell you that right now. It's top secret.


She was the music specialist for a Christmas songbook, Christmas Carols: 75 Songs of the Season to Share, published by Oomf!/Gramercy Books, a division of Random House. Ms. Alexander is also a published poet. She was awarded the Editor's Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry and is included in Who’s Who of Poetry. Dina was nominated for Poet of the Year, 2004 and 2005.






* For a complete list of awards, contact Dina.


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“I actually watched [the film]... twice. That says a lot as I barely have any free time. I have to tell you that I never had high hopes for this…. However, I am totally amazed at this cut. You told such an incredibly rich and well woven story. It was clear that you looked through the footage very closely for themes that most editors would miss. I am very grateful that you were available to cut this, and I am sure the client will be, too. You really are a great editor.” – GB, Multi-Award-Winning Filmmaker



“The discreetly balanced studio recording allows the players’ impassioned advocacy full rein without resorting to sonic spotlighting.” – Julian Haylock, The Strad



“Mastering Deep Relaxation is so soothing and really gets you to focus, and the Thyroid Meditation is a must-have for women with thyroid issues. Across the board, the blend of the voice and music fits like a glove, totally raising the bar on meditations with music, while taking you on an amazing journey to wholeness. Check it out! Listen to samples! Comment/Like them! Tell everyone you know! Go to CDBaby and buy them!” – PS, Producer



“Amazing, amazing, amazing editing, sound design, and score! You are a wizard! Thanks so much for your innovative suggestions. They really make the film work. I’m so grateful to ‘You’, aka, my entire post-production department.” – SS, Filmmaker



“Thyroid Meditation not only took me ‘there’ through Demo DiMartile’s guidance, but the gorgeous music brought me to a level I had only dreamed of experiencing! The healing properties in his message are obvious and palpable...and the music is the thing that absolutely activates the concepts. Mastering Deep Relaxation is a great entry point for the Thyroid Meditation to be even more effective. I truly feel myself growing and healing!” – PA, Composer/Producer



“Congratulations, Dina. You’ve made our ensemble sound incredibly tight throughout…. Thanks for all your great work.” – DS,  Musician



“Thanks for your tireless dedication, attention to detail and focus. I’m very impressed with the work you have done on my film, and I hope that we can work together on future projects.” BM, Filmmaker



“I just finished watching the entire film in one sitting.  My initial impression is that it is terrific, certainly on a par with the Ken Burns jazz documentary …the film is great.” – ZM, Jazz Historian


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